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Social Consciousness

Social work helps in the moral development of the student. Useful social service fills a students with a sense of accomplishment. It increases the sensitivity of the student to social justice and harmony. Like others, students also have their duties towards the society. Students are the future citizens of the country and have different roles to play to build a vibrant caring society.

Social service has great relevance for students

Though students must give priority to their academics they should also sensitize themselves to social issues. Students should cultivate the spirit of service from the very formative stage. Student power can result in a large amount of quality socially relevant work.


Educate yourself to build awareness

As a student one should educate oneself on social issues. Economic inequality and lack of access to good education are the more visible issues that affect our society today. There are many other social issues that a student can also be aware about.


Social work offers significant other benefits

Social work also offers direct benefits to the students besides making them feel good about themselves. Here are some benefits:

Learning to building relationships

Developing organizational skills

Learning the research process while planning initiatives

Appreciation of cultural diversity

Letters of reference from organizations they have supported

Options for visibility through having articles published or attending conferences

Positive impact on the student’s resume


Doing social work is rewarding

Once a student becomes aware and wants to make a difference the student can ask others to support the efforts. The friends and family of the student will appreciate the willingness to engage. Others may in turn invite the student to support their community activities. If a student spends time doing socially useful work the student gets contentment. Service to the society makes the student’s life more meaningful.


Social work makes one act on one’s convictions

Social service is a voluntary work and one cannot be compelled to do this work therefore it is a test of how much one is driven by one’s own convictions. The will or spirit to work is very important to succeed in life and being motivated by one’s social sensitiveness helps make it a habit to do work which we believe is important.



There may already be social service based initiatives being undertaken by your college. A student can take part in such an existing initiative.

Students can also form a small group and do social service by visiting old age homes, orphanages, anganwadis, hospitals, municipal schools.

After their initial visit they will be able to plan how best to make a difference.