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Covid-19 Lockdown Care


Covid-19 lockdown is an unprecedented circumstance for us all. Here are some suggestions to stay safe.

Option 1: Stay at home and no items are brought in and nothing goes out. This is the safest for everyone.

Option 2: Stay at home, items like milk get in, garbage goes out. This opens up a few means of infection spreading.
Suggested method to minimize risk:

1. Put out a duly sanitized bag to receive the milk.

2. Keep tub with soap water near entrance door. Grab the milk bag with the milk packets, using a tissue paper to avoid direct contact with the bag. Put milk bag with milk packets in it. The whole bag. And the tissue paper. After 5 minutes remove the milk packets using a suitable large container. Do not open them yet. Take them inside and rinse them. Then open the milk packets. Without washing hang out the milk bag to dry.

3. Put all the garbage into a garbage bag. Clean the bag from the outside with soap water. Leave the garbage bag out to be collected. Don’t wait for the door bell to ring and hand it over, if that was the procedure earlier.

Option 3: Stay at home, make very infrequent trips to buy essentials. This opens up many means of infection spreading.
Suggested method to minimize risk:

1. Keep two tubs of soap water ready, near the entrance to your house, before you go out. One with your regular detergent for packed products. One with a food grade detergent such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or a mild human safe detergent such as a shampoo, for vegetables. Also keep a sponge ready to wipe clean bags (say of flour) with soap water, that you can’t wash in the tub.

2. Keep a suitable bag ready, near the entrance to your house, for the clothes you wear to go outside. Also keep a towel ready near the entrance.

3. Keep your bathroom ready for a bath. So if you need hot water, plan for that first. Also keep a bucket of soap water ready in the bathroom to soak your clothes when you are back.

4. Pre-order and pay for your shopping. If you can’t pre-pay, order should be a round number for which you have a currency note ready. Keep the sanitized currency note ready to hand over when you go out. The trip should be only to collect the items. They may be delivered to your gate as well.

5. Go out to collect the items. Be focused on the task at hand. Don’t wander around and avoid getting into conversations. Though you should be polite and cheerful in your demeanour and keep up community spirits. Wear shoes, a cap, as protective a pair of glasses as you have and an N95 mask. Use gloves if you have them or use tissue paper while touching things you must touch. If you use tissues to touch objects try to discard them suitably once the task is donein. Carry a small bag to dispose used tissue papers that you can’t easily discard. Instruct others at home to stay away from the entrance when you return.

6. Once you are back the person who went out should:

  • Dispose the bag with the used tissues.
  • Put the items bought in the the tub they need to go into and if required make sure the soap water makes contact with the items thoroughly.
  • Scrub the outsides of bags that can’t be put in the tub, with soap water.

7. You should then remove the shoes, put a little soap water on the floor and put the shoes in the puddle and leave them near the entrance. You can then remove your outer clothes, cap, mask, glasses, gloves and put them in the bag. Use the towel you left near the entrance to keep yourself covered even as you remove your outer clothes.

8. Go straight to the bathroom. Soak your clothes and cap. Wash the glasses with soap water and disinfect the mask if possible or dispose it. Have your bath taking care to scrub thoroughly and wash your hair as well. Put on fresh clothes and you are done.

9. The items can now be taken from the tubs and if vegetables were washed with a mild detergent solution they should be rinsed thoroughly with water.